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Why does God stop for the needs of some, while seeming to pass by others?


Dr. Grier explores 8 biblical stories of men and women who got God’s special attention, while skillfully weaving them together with intimate details and lessons from his own personal journey!


When God Stops shares the key to living a life that honors the Lord and jumpstarts your faith.


Dr. Derek Grier dissects the extraordinary God-encounters of eight ordinary men and women in the Bible and reveals them as “hidden figures” of the New Testament. The retelling of the biblical accounts from a new perspective will uncover the answer to the age-old question: What makes God stop and pay attention? The answer is faith.

Whether it was a man with leprosy, a sick child, or a short tax collector sitting in a tree, they all had one thing in common—a burning desire to get God’s attention. Dr. Grier adds to the narrative by sharing the details of his personal pilgrimage. Growing up angry at God and looking for an identity, Grier eventually attended college and found the kind of faith that made him feel loved and centered for the first time in his life.

Each chapter includes insightful verse-by-verse biblical teaching, compelling personal testimony, a section of practical application, and  thought-provoking questions for discussion and introspection.

"...Read it and let your faith soar!"


-Bishop Courtney McBath

What Does It Take to Grab God’s Special Attention?



Watch & listen as Dr. Grier gives a sneak peak into the principles in this book, and shares how his own life interacts with the lessons learned from the people highlighted in the book!

Dr. Grier Stops by The 700 Club to Talk about "When God Stops"

Dr. Grier Stops by The 700 Club to Talk about "When God Stops"